• Jamie Diddams

Full exterior redec.

Updated: May 14, 2020

With isolation still well in force and interior jobs fully on hold. I was able to move the big redec of this house forward. All rendered areas, woodwork and features out the front to be redecorated.

A lot of prep work went into this job, before we could even start painting. All woodwork and render was appropriately scrape or sanded, filled and primed where necessary.

Starting at the back of the property. All rendered areas were stabilized, then painted in 2 coats of "Gravel" Sandtex and door/window surroundings were repainted in 2 coats of "Black" Sandtex.

The soffit and fascias were undercoated and top coated in white gloss and black gloss respectively.

Onto the side of the property. This side was a little simpler. The render was first coated in stabilizer and then top coated in 2 coats of "Gravel Sandtex" The fence posts were painted in "Black" Sandtex

The front side of property was the most detailed out of the three. The front design of the gable was changed from brown white and black to just black and white. If you compare the two pictures you can see how we changed the design to make the black the standout colour and the white the background colour. These were again all in a Gloss finish.

The black rendered areas were all freshened up around the windows and the front wall areas were also redone. And finally the railings and front door were finished off in Black Gloss as well. Enjoyed this job to say the least!

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